The primary tools of a massage therapist are their hands and their skills. Yet a number of different cultures used other tools to help ease pain, encourage relaxation, and warm up muscles which allow therapists to work deeper. Variations of hot stone massage were used by Hindus in India, Chinese therapists, and First Nation people in their sweat lodges.

This discipline of massage therapy involves the use of smooth stones heated in water. When they are placed at strategic points on the body, the heat radiating from the stone helps muscles to relax and open up. Some therapists remove the stones and perform a massage with their hands, while others coat the stone in oil or use it over a sheet and use the stone in the massage process.

At Better Body Massage Therapy, we’re proud to provide the deep therapeutic benefits and relaxation gained from hot stone massage. With more than seven years of experience, we combine scientific training and wisdom gained from thousands of years of tradition. The result is intense relaxation, reduced tension and pain, and increased joint flexibility and range of motion. To discover if hot stone massage is right for you, contact us online or by phone today.