Pregnancy isn’t easy. It’s difficult enough to deal with neck and back aches, mood swings due to elevated hormone levels, and cravings for highly specific foods. Consider that while you’re lugging around your baby, serious physical stress is affecting your body. While the posterior section of the pelvis is specifically designed to carry a child, the displaced weight still forces your center of gravity forward and places additional stress upon your joints.

Better Body Massage Therapy can help you to deal with the discomfort. With more than seven years of experience, our prenatal massage therapy sessions make the journey of pregnancy easier for both you and your child. Regular sessions focus on limiting nausea, cleansing toxins from your system, and alleviating pain. Studies have also shown that when massage therapy becomes a regular component of prenatal care, hormone levels associated with stress and relaxation are altered. As a result, the process helps to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, improve labor outcomes, and even increase the health of your newborn.

While we can’t guarantee an easy pregnancy, we can help to take the pressure off. Our certified massage therapists know how to position you correctly and how to address your particular pregnancy needs. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.