When many Americans hear the phrase “Russian sports massage,” they might think it has something to do with a chilled bottle of vodka. It’s understandable, since while this school of treatment has been in use since the 1700s, Americans weren’t familiar with it until the late 1940s. Even today, Russian sports massage goes hand-in-hand with medical treatment, and it’s even a common practice by the Russian military.

It utilizes techniques that are often slower than traditional sports massage. However, the Russian method combines motions creating friction and outer vibration techniques. This causes muscles and joints to relax, and it warms up blood vessels which effectively releases tension.

While this method of massage is highly popular with athletes, it can provide relief to anyone. Better Body Massage Therapy has more than seven years of experience, and we specialize in knowing which discipline makes the most sense to treat a specific condition for a specific person. When you contact us, we’ll create a personalized treatment method that will help to ease pain, relax muscles, and feel better. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.